Introduction Of NBCB

Founded on 10 April 1997, Bank of Ningbo became the first city commercial bank listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 19 July 2007.

Bank of Ningbo has set up 12 branches outside Ningbo district in the cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Beijing, Wuxi, Jinhua, Shaoxing, Taizhou and Jiaxing, with an overall 325 business networks. Bank of Ningbo also successfully set up Maxwealth Fund Management Co., Ltd. in November 2013, and Maxwealth Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. in December 2014.

After 21 years’ growth since its establishment, along with the rapid growth of Chinese economy and the strong support from its customers and various parties, Bank of Ningbo has achieved substantial development. The Bank has developed into a public listed regional bank with total net capital of over RMB 89 billion, total asset of over RMB 1,000 billion, and more than 15,000 employees, ranking among the World’s Top 200 banks.


Thanks to the trust and support of our customers, Bank of Ningbo has achieved substantial development in various business lines since it was founded. According to the 2018 Half-year Report, up to the end of June, 2018, Bank of Ningbo had a total asset of RMB 1,076.418 billion, deposits of RMB 637.864 billion and loans of RMB 379.087 billion.

In 2017, Bank of Ningbo achieved net profit of RMB 9.334 billion, increasing by 19.50% from the previous year. And in the first half year of 2018, Bank of Ningbo achieved net profit of RMB 5.701 billion, increasing by 19.64% from the previous first half year and the NPL ratio was 0.80%.

To the end of June, 2018, the company’s capital adequacy ratio was 13.44%, with the adequacy ratio of tier I capital reached 9.59% and Core tier I capital reached 8.87% as well.


Adhering to the risk philosophy of “Controlling risk is reducing cost”, the bank-wide comprehensive, all-employee and full-process risk management framework has been consistently improved, and its risk management capacities have been enhanced continuously.

The risk management capabilities of Bank of Ningbo proved to be effective and successful, evidenced from the stable performance achieved during the recent challenging period in its major operating regions, which are under economic restructure and digestion of over capacity. The Bank of Ningbo kept an NPL ratio of 0.80%, at the end of June, 2018, continuing to keep the lower level among inter-bank.


In recent years,the management capabilities and business prospect of Bank of Ningbo have been widely recognized by regulators and the industry.

According to Moody's, the globally famous rating institution's newest rating on the long-term deposit rating of Bank of Ningbo, which is Baa2 with ba1 basic credit rating, which is almost equal to the outstanding national joint-stock commercial bank in the country.

Bank of Ningbo has been ranked as the top-grade city commercial banks according to comprehensive assessment by CBRC for many times.

It was ranked 166th globally in terms of Tier-1 Capital among “Top 1000 World Banks, 2018”, and 133rd globally in “The Top 500 Banking Brands, 2018” by The Banker.

The Bank was awarded as the Best City Commercial Bank in China for a number of times by The Chinese Banker, Sina Finance and other professional external institutes.


As a listed bank, Bank of Ningbo has a complete set of management information disclosure process and mechanism to ensure that the bank’s operation status are fully, timely and accurately provided and disclosed.

Firstly, Bank of Ningbo discloses timely, accurate and complete information to ensure that shareholders and the public are kept abreast of the bank’s operating status.

Secondly, Bank of Ningbo provides immediate and transparent information for any important change in business, fluctuation in performance and large amount of legal issue involved.

Thirdly, the bank’s external and independent Auditor, Ernst & Young, carries out diligent audit on the bank’s annual reports to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information disclosed.

In recent years, by practicing accurate and timely information disclosure, Bank of Ningbo is recognized as a trustworthy bank with excellent reputation, and was shortlisted as “Most Socially Responsible Financial Institution”, “Best Listed SME Company” and “Listed Companies with the Greatest Growth Potential” by external authorities consistently.


The top two shareholders of Bank of Ningbo are Ningbo Municipal Government and OCBC Bank, holding shares of 21.38% and 20% respectively. Both shareholders have always been very supportive for the development of the bank.

Ningbo Development Investment Group Co., Ltd., representing the local government hold 20% of shares of Bank of Ningbo. Furthermore, Ningxing (Ningbo) Asset Management Co., Ltd., as person acting in concert to represent the local government, holds another 1.38% of the shares. This makes Ningbo Municipal Government the largest shareholder of Bank of Ningbo, holding 21.38% of the shares in total.

OCBC Bank is the second largest financial services group in Southeast Asia. Being one of the world’s most highly-rated banks, with an Aa1 rating from Moody’s. Since becoming a strategic partner of Bank of Ningbo in 2006, OCBC Bank has provided tremendous efforts and support to Bank of Ningbo on international leading banking practice to enhance business development and process, risk management, system development, employee training and etc.

Thanks to the strong operating performance and robust risk management capability of Bank of Ningbo, both Ningbo Municipal Government and OCBC Bank are very positive with the potential growth of the bank, and have injected capital investment to Bank of Ningbo continuously. The successful capital injection of RMB 3.1 billion to Bank of Ningbo via non-public placement in 2014 has enhanced the capital adequacy of Bank of Ningbo for its future business growth.


Bank of Ningbo has a professional, dedicated, energetic, stable and cooperative senior management team.

The senior management team members are equipped with many years of experience and rich professional knowledge in financial services and banking management ae. They are stable and cooperated with each other perfectly for more than 10 years, which differentiates them to be one of the most stable teams in the industry and is beneficial to the implementation of the bank’s long-term strategy. Although the average age of senior management members is only round 40, they have focused on the operation and management of banking for a long period. Besides, by closely interacting with OCBC Bank and other leading foreign banks, they have solid business knowledge and wide strategic vision, which will facilitate Bank of Ningbo to take the challenge of interest rate liberalization.

Through their endeavors to keep the bank's development with China’s economic progress, the senior management team has led the bank transforming into a bank with strong profitability, high capital adequacy, and low NPL ratio in China.


Firmly adhering to the values that “Science and technology is the primary productive force”, Bank of Ningbo consistently increases its investment in information and technology systems. Bank of Ningbo continues to deepen the system development, by establishing a business-driven, service-driven and customer-driven system framework, and establish six major IT platforms, which provide robust technology support for the bank’s long-term growth.


Adopting the core principle of “Focus on familiar market and familiar customers” and the main strategy to serve equivalent customer segment by satisfying customer needs on diversified and various financial services, Bank of Ningbo has developed nine profit centers, including Corporate Banking, SME Banking, Personal Banking, Financial Market, Credit Card, Notes, Investment Banking, Asset Custody and Asset Management. This brings diversified and multiple business inner drivers and good branding reputation to the bank.

Corporate Banking: Dedicated to service innovation and product innovation, the bank comprehensively promotes trade finance, cash management, notes, investment banking and asset custody these five businesses, attaches importance to upgrading of service and customer experience, and provides comprehensive and one-stop financial services for large and medium-sized enterprises, striving to promote the foundation, growth and development of the large and medium-sized enterprises.

SME Banking: As the first bank launching “Golden Pool” solution with full-range SME financial services, Bank of Ningbo provides customers with foreign currency integration services including financing, settlement and cash management, thus to meet different customer needs and promote the development of SME customer.

Personal Banking: Bank of Ningbo targets to be first choice for financial services of individual customers, by providing high-quality customer service, consistently strengthening four primary business services in Savings Deposit, Consumer Loan, Wealth Management and gross settlement, and fine-tuning the three key brands of “Hui Tong Wealth”, “Bai Ling Tong” and “Xin Fu Bao”.

Financial Market: By taking "optimization of profit structure and module and promotion of market status" as the purpose, Bank of Ningbo has consistently expanded the cooperation space within the trade, innovated the product system and deepened the consolidated the business so as to realize the diversity of profit source and become a perfect partner for the medium and small sized enterprises in the financial market.

Credit Card: Adopting differentiated business strategy to develop unique credit cards “Shang Ying” card and “Yi Bai Fen” as its core products, Bank of Ningbo promotes effective solutions to customers on their small-amount financial needs. The bank also proactively applies the internet finance technology to accelerate product and service innovation and enhance customer experience.

Notes: By focusing on high-quality customer service , fulfilling financial needs of SME ,and diversifying interbank cooperation, Bank of Ningbo differentiates itself with abundant products and efficient business processes, and targets to be the first choice in discounted notes for corporate customers and discounting notes for interbank institutions.

Investment Banking: By actively playing the role of financial intermediary, building diversified financial services platform, innovating financial products and instruments for portfolios, and consolidating resources in both money market and capital market, the bank is well qualified to provide integrated financial services in investment, financing and consultation to large and medium-sized strong enterprises.

Asset Custody: Committed to provide high-quality services in asset custody, capital settlement, evaluation, funding service and the third party depository, Bank of Ningbo applies full electronic business process through the industry-leading custody internet banking and “Yi Tuo Guan” product, and strives to develop into the best asset custody institution in China.

Assets Management: As abide by the concept of providing professional wealth management service for individuals, corporate and financial institutions, the company adopted open and net value style as the direction for product innovation, and established three financing brands including Huitong, Qiying and Yongying. The diversified assets layouts improved the risk management capability, and met the clients ‘demand on wealth management. Thus, the company acted as the guardian, and realized the continuous appreciation clients’ wealth.

With the support and care from customers, Bank of Ningbo is committed to growing the business and adhering to the core values of “Integrity, Dedication, Compliance, Efficiency, Teamwork and Innovation”. The bank will make every effort to provide better and newer financial services with best customer experience, to become the best bank for customers and to evolve into a respectable modern commercial bank with high reputation and core competitive advantages.



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